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for Discovery

Moth and Butterfly Farm



Welcome to Designed for Discovery! We are excited to share with you the incredible world of moths, butterflies, and insects. From a young age I fell in love with the diversity of insects, and at age five I began breeding Cecropia moths. This project quickly grew from a childhood bug phase into a lifelong passion. Today Designed for Discovery strives to provide quality classes, educational events, and live butterflies to emerge the next generation into the jaw dropping world of entomology. Our mission is to help others discover how brilliantly designed a butterfly is, and ultimately to give glory to their Creator. We want to see our society love and value insects more, by allowing young people to experience these creatures firsthand, and by providing educational materials that allow kids to use their young years of curiosity to learn more about the uniqueness of each species. We see insects as engineering marvels valuable for our advancement of technology and crucial to sustaining our ecosystems in which we live.