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Plan your butterfly release over phone, email, or fill out the request form below!




Available Hours to Call 9:00 am – 9:00 pm CST

"Every butterfly is raised with the highest ethical standard. This means they are genetically diverse, disease free, and treated as wild living creatures going back to the environment."

Live Butterflies for Release!

Request Form

Step 1. Choose the type of release you want to have? (You can check more than one option)

What type of release will you have?
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A mass butterfly release is where the butterflies are loaded into a box and when the box is opened all the butterflies will be free to fly out, this type of release creates a stunning spectacle. 


An individual butterfly release is where each person has a single envelope containing a butterfly and releases it by tipping it out into their hand. The butterflies are kept cool before the release allowing each person time to experience the butterfly while it warms its wings before flying away.


Prop butterflies are butterflies to use during a photo shoot before or after an event. These butterflies are kept cool so that they are easy to move around and pose while getting pictures eventually these butterflies will warm up enough to fly away.


Other check this box if you have a different idea in mind. Some people use butterflies as a center piece, video production prop, or want a caterpillar or pupa.

Step 2. Choose the type of butterflies you are looking for?

What butterflies are you after?

Step 3. Fill out some basic info

Adress: (this is needed to determine the species of butterflies we are legally able to ship you under our USDA release permits.)

By submitting this request form, you give us permission to contact you letting you know if we can fulfill your request and answer any questions. You are not obligated to any purchase, and we are not obligated to fulfill the request until an order has been places and paid.

Thanks you for your request!

Butterfly releases are a beautiful and emotional experience. A release is perfect for any event where you want to have a touching memory. Releases are most popular at memorials and weddings. But releases also find their place at anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, hospice, public events, and remembrances.

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Painted Lady

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Mixed (Swallowtail Pictured)

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